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Click on the dolphin for more information about Kratie, its Irrawaddy dolphins and the Mekong Wagtail

Click here for the "Roka Kandal handicraft centre and lodge"


This Website is designed to promote tourism and handicraft in the Eastern province of Cambodia, Kratie, and to support the protection of IRRAWADDY dolphins in Cambodia.

Since June 2001 Frank Ludwig, a German native and founder of Monsoon Tours, and the Cambodian Craft Cooperation (CCC) have initiated several projects to contribute to the development of Kratie province in the Eastern part of Cambodia. Monsoon Tours and CCC have worked together with the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) and the Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society (WDCS). The Cambodian Craft Cooperation has been support by the German Handwerkskammer Koblenz (Chamber of Trade & Skilled Crafts of Koblenz City). Main achievements are:
- activities to protect the Cambodian river dolphin
- the renovation of a unique pagoda from the 18/19 century (Wat Roka Kandal) as a handicraft centre - the
"Roka Kandal pagoda & lodge"
- the historical museum of Kratie
- two small wicker-work centres 25 km south of Kratie

You are invited to have a look at this beautiful place along the majestic Mekong river.

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