AVOID using plastic bags whenever possible – they only end up in the river and may cause dolphins to die if they are eaten.

REDUCE, RECYCLE, REUSE AND CARE! – earth’s resources are limited!

SUPPORT protests against dam and waterway construction in the Mekong River (and other river systems) – such activities not only negatively impact on dolphins but also the livelihood of local communities. Most projects are unnecessary and cause major damage to the ecosystem.

DO NOT SUPPORT oceanariums or fun parks that hold dolphins. All dolphins are live-captured from the wild and placed in often small and inadequate enclosures. Would you like to live locked in a closet the rest of your life?

If you are interested in further information about the Irrawaddy dolphin that inhabits the Mekong River, or would like to directly support conservation efforts, please contact the Mekong River Dolphin Research and Conservation Program: ibeasley@wcs.org.

For additional information on the Irrawaddy dolphin, other southeast Asian cetacean species and other species worldwide, information can be found on the WDCS [Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society] web page: www.wdcs.org.